Your choice of 2 dynamic duo combination selections:


12 Bone-in Wings with up to 2 sauces of your choice.

Any Specialty or Builder Flatbread with up to 2 toppings.

Italian, Steak or Chicken Parmesan Hoagie.


Pasta with fresh homemade marinara & salad for 4!


Meat sauce add $10.

Chicken Alfredo & Salad for 4!

Specialty MAC & Salad for 4!

Choose from the following:

Bacon Chicken


BBQ Brisket

Crafty MAC & Salad for 4!


In honor of the smallest member of our Crafty family, Mike decided this should be just like his daughter: sweet but feisty.  Made with sweet Bailey’s, a touch of Kahlua & Creme’ de Menthe and a splash of Rumplemintz to make it feisty.  Drink this one with a toast to Mike’s sanity as she grows!

With the soothing combination of lemon & raspberry vodka…you’re sure to be smiling with this one!

This one is Susie’s favorite and soon to be yours too.  RumChata, caramel vodka, a touch of cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This one is sure to warm your insides with a taste of Crown Vanilla, Apple and cinnamon.  Best enjoyed while sitting by a fire…

Who doesn’t love a good mule???  We gave it a holiday twist with some refreshing cranberry…this is sure to get you in the spirit!