As the leaves change color and the air gets a bit cooler, fall brings with it a change of pace, and what better way to welcome the season than a visit to the Crafty Jackalope in Bridgeville. We have a reputation for the best trivia in Pittsburgh and an endless lineup of activities that range from live bands and DJs to karaoke and trivia, visiting our bar and grill never fails to bring the fun. In addition to the lively atmosphere, we also offer a wide selection of craft beers and top-quality food, all of which make it the perfect destination for a night out this fall.

Tip of the Month – Pairing Beer with Food:

At the Crafty Jackalope, you will find a wide variety of beers, each with its unique flavor profile. But did you know that certain types of beers pair better with certain foods?

  1. The first step in successfully pairing beer with food is to understand that beer has unique flavors and components. Before pairing it with your food, you should be familiar with the different types of beer and their taste profiles. For example, lagers have a crisp, clean taste, while stouts and porters have a rich, full-bodied, and creamy aroma. An IPA (India Pale Ale) has a refreshing, hoppy taste, which can complement spicy food perfectly.
  2. When pairing beer with food, it is always that you find a balance between the two. The key to this balance is that the weight of your food and your drink should match each other. Light beers such as lagers should be paired with light foods such as salads, white fish, and chicken. On the other side, a medium-bodied beer such as pale ale or brown ale can complement a burger, pizza, or grilled meats. A full-bodied beer, such as a porter or stout, pairs well with red meats and rich dishes.
  3. While pairing food make sure to remember the intensity of your dish. As a rule of thumb, spicy dishes pair well with beers that have a lower alcohol percentage and a light body. This is because spicy food can enhance the bitterness of bold beers. Bitter beers such as IPAs are the best for oily, fatty, and fried food, as they can cut through the heavy flavors. Sweeter beers such as Belgian-style ale and fruit beers can complement desserts.
  4. Consider the style of cooking and the seasoning of the dish when pairing it with beer. For example, grilled foods such as steaks and burgers are heavenly to pair with smoked or dark beers, while foods cooked in a pot or slow cooker go perfectly with craft beer or ale.
  5. Lastly, when pairing beer with food, knowing your palate is vital. If you are someone who loves bold flavors, try pairing foods with equally bold beers. Similarly, if you enjoy fruity or sweet flavors in your food, choosing a beer that has fruity notes can add a new dimension of flavors to your palate.

Stuck on what to order? Ask our knowledgeable servers for suggestions on beer and food pairings – they are always happy to help.

Craft Beer and Quality Food:

When it comes to beer selection, we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest craft beers the Bridgeville area has to offer. With over 50 different bottled beers and 20 rotating taps, there is a beer for everyone at the Crafty Jackalope. Whether you prefer a higher ABV offering from breweries such as Dogfish Head and Troeg’s or a session IPA or fruity cider offering, the craft-beer library at The Crafty Jackalope has got you covered. We also local and seasonal American foods that are prepared from scratch in their premiere kitchen. Whether you are looking for the perfect burger or made-to-order mac & cheese, the chefs at the Crafty Jackalope aim to please.

Fall Happy Hour:

What better way to enjoy an affordable night out than at happy hour? We offer happy hour specials every weekday from 5-7 pm. Guests can enjoy a variety of specials that may include: half-off appetizers, $2 off shared plates, and $1 off all brews, cocktails, and wine. The Crafty Jackalope also offers daily food specials, so you can enjoy quality food without breaking the bank.

October Events:

If you’re looking for something else to do this fall, we are bustling with activity during the month of October. With daily eEvents such as the Straub Beer Promo on September 24, the Miller Lite Steeler Party on September 24, and the New Belgium Beer Tap Takeover on September 29, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.

  • 10/1 @ 4pm Matt Tichon
  • 10/7 @ 9pm Bleach Fuzz
  • 10/8 @ 4pm Mark Ferrari
  • 10/14 @ 9pm Tim Litvin
  • 10/15 @ 4pm Toni Lynn
  • 10/21 @ 9pm Shooter Woods
  • 10/22 @ 4pm Cody Eagle
  • 10/28 @ 9pm John Fish
  • 10/29 @ 4pm Kevin Belonzi

Whether you’re stopping in for happy hour with friends or looking to enjoy the best craft beers and quality food in Bridgeville, The Crafty Jackalope is the perfect destination for fall fun. From friendly staff to a diverse beer selection and creative menu, our local bar and grille delivers a unique and unforgettable experience every time. Don’t settle for anything less, plan your visit to the Crafty Jackalope today!