Finding the Perfect Side Dish to Complement Our Wings

March 19, 2024

The wings at The Crafty Jakalope are a popular option among customers. The flavors are endless, with a wide range of sauce options, from mild and honey BBQ to zesty garlic and Thai Chili, as well as a variety of rubs such as taco or lemon pepper.

When you choose our tasty wings, you’ll also want to add to the delicious experience by choosing a side to pair them with. We’ve put together our top suggestions for both healthy and indulgent sides.

Healthier Options: Wings with a Wholesome Twist

The Crafty Jackalope’s wings are a delightful culinary experience, especially when paired with our healthier side options. The Celery and Carrot Sticks with Blue Cheese Dip offer a refreshing crunch that balances the robust flavors of the wings. The crisp vegetables, combined with the tangy blue cheese dip, make for a palate-cleansing combo that allows each bite of the wing to taste as exciting as the first.

Our Coleslaw, available in sweet and sour or creamy options, is another excellent side dish. The sweet and sour version provides a zesty contrast to the savory wings, while the creamy coleslaw offers a smooth, indulgent texture that complements the wings’ crispy exterior.

Lastly, the Veggie of the Day is always a welcome addition. It introduces an element of surprise to the meal and provides a rotating array of nutrients. Its freshness and seasonality make it a perfect match with the wings, enhancing their flavor without overwhelming them.

Cheat Day Delights: Wings with a Wickedly Tasty Twist

For those days when you feel like indulging, The Crafty Jackalope’s wings pair perfectly with their more decadent side dishes. The Sweet Fries, with our enticing blend of salt and sweetness, provide a playful contrast to the spicy wings. Their soft interior and crispy exterior mimic the texture of the wings, creating a harmonious dining experience.

Our Onion Rings, with their golden, crispy batter and sweet onion center, offer a satisfying crunch that matches the wings’ texture. Their rich, deep-fried goodness makes them an irresistible companion to the wings.

The Macaroni and Cheese, creamy and comforting, serves as a rich counterpoint to the wings. Its cheesy goodness complements the wings’ spiciness, mellowing it out and providing a comforting balance.

Finally, with its buttery, garlicky goodness, the Garlic Bread is a robust side that stands up well to the wings’ bold flavors. Its crunchiness mirrors the wings, while its aromatic garlic flavor enhances its savory taste. These cheat day sides transform the wings into a truly indulgent feast.

Upcoming Events at The Crafty Jackalope

Join us at The Crafty Jackalope for a series of exciting events that are just as flavorful as our famous wings! Kick off the first weekend in March with live music by Never Say Die on 3/2 at 9 pm, or visit us on 3/3 at 4 pm with tunes by Jay Constable and enjoy our 50-cent boneless wings from 12-6 pm.

For trivia buffs, our Thursday Taco Tequila and Trivia is the perfect midweek brain workout and friendly competition, offering prizes and bragging rights.  Keep an eye on our social media for specific dates and times, and prepare to mark your calendars for a uniquely Crafty experience!

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